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Want to know the green-fingered guys and girls who make up our team? From garden-designers to office managers, we’re a full organisation that works around the clock to improve the local environment and community. We come from a variety of different and diverse backgrounds, so understand the different challenges that communities face. And we’re always looking for more people to join our crew.

Sarah Gill

Sarah Gill

CEO and Founder

Hi! My name is Sarah, founder and CEO of Gro-Organic. In 2011 I started helping neighbours in my local area who struggled with their gardens or local spaces. I did this on a voluntary basis and over the coming year I had gained an army of local volunteers who were helping me transform bleak land into thriving community assets.

By 2012 we had local authorities, housing associations and the Police realising the power of our work! I was able to demonstrate that when local people have their say and input into local decisions that extraordinary things can happen. We have changed the way people think about gardening and their communities. Now in 2017, we have over 150 volunteers who strive to improve our local land and we have a team of professional landscapers ready to tackle unruly gardens in schools, housing associations or peoples back gardens.

Gro-Organic is my heart beat and its my job to ensure that everything we do is done with passion, care and quality. When I’m not writing funding bids, digging over allotments or managing school gardens ( not to mention the business) you can find me at home, with a nice glass of pinot and a terry’s chocolate orange.

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