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“The Gro-Organic team share their love of the outdoors with the children and staff. Everyone enjoys working with them and they have created exciting and engaging outdoor environments in the school grounds. They offer fun and personalized programmes of study that meet the needs of all the children.”

Mrs Zoe Driver, Head Teacher – Gossey Lane School Birmingham

“I cannot speak highly enough of the Gro-Organic team; we hope to continue our association with them far into the future and are looking to link together with the anticipated development of our new outdoor learning area.”

Child and Family Support Worker – Bishop Wilson School

“The Gardening club has truly changed the perspective of the fifteen pupils involved; they have thrown themselves into the innovative session designed by Daniella Ferrarin and are sharing this new found enthusiasm with their Parent and in some cases Grandparents.

It has been described by those in the group as the ‘best club in the school’. There can be no higher praise.”

N. Walker – Bishop Wilson School

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