Our Secondary School Program

Our secondary schools activities helps to get young people ready for the world of work or further education in a number of innovative ways. We’re able to manage work placements and work experience across a range of related skill-sets. We work with students to help schools build their own school gardens to teach practical skills in design and planning. We work with architects to provide lessons in real live architecture.

We also aim to inspire young people by supporting them to grow vegetables, cook home produce, visit farms and eat real, wholesome food. Above all, we want to give young people the opportunity to take responsibility for their own health and impact on the environment. To support this we offer a wide range of learning opportunities that focuses on sustainable food issues for Key Stage 3 and 4 students.

If you’re looking to build a school garden, then get your young students involved. They’ll work alongside professional landscapers on a live site, and learn practical skills such as carpentry or fencing, or building polytunnels. Or your students could be enriched by taking part in community programmes and learn about active citizenship.

In addition to the practical elements, several secondary schools we have worked with have then gone on to develop other projects based upon the future of food, how our food is produced and what impact this is having on our environment, society and animal welfare.

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