Growing Kids’ Potential In Primary Schools

When our team lands on school grounds, the kids really know about it. That’s because Wellies2Bellies is no ordinary green-fingered primary school program. Our team gets kids properly excited about nature, food and the environment without them even realising how much they’re learning. Wellies2Bellies is amazing, fun and dynamic, and many of our clubs end up being most popular in school. What’s more, all our lessons connect with the National Curriculum.

Wellies2Bellies covers educational workshops, encouraging children to connect with food, getting their hands dirty outdoors with nature, and helps them develop real sustainable skills for their garden and school. Working with you, we can tailor our lessons to enhance the existing initiatives of your school. Our young, lively education team knows how to capture the imagination of children and encourages them to engage with nature.

As well as being fun, the Wellies2Bellies program is accredited and awarded a quality badge by The Council of Learning Outside the Classroom. They described our program as providing “an outstanding contribution to outdoor education”.

What do we cover? Here’s just a slice of the action:

  • Healthy soil and plants – this includes tread the bed, mud pies, wiggly worms and making home grown nettle tea.
  • Crop protection – using scarecrows, tree decorations and recycling bottles.
  • Compost Kings  – making open heaps, vermiculture and mixing up in twin bins.
  • Forest fanatics – proper den making, habitat hotels and bug hunting.
  • Seed sowing and planting – stringing out, giant vegetable growing and rainbow beds.

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