James Hulland

Introducing James…

James has been attending sessions with Gro-Organic since 2014 having been referred by his care home. James has profound learning difficulties and a condition that has a long-term negative effect on his ability to carry out normal daily activities.

James was told by Doctors that he wouldn’t be able to take part in gardening activities as his medical condition left his muscles extremely weak.

James wanted to join Gro-Organic to to develop key personal skills and to create a social life. When our team first met James, he was reluctant to interact with those that he didn’t know and found it very difficult to talk to people.

Throughout his time with us, James has gradually been building up his strength through gardening. Starting with litter picking, James is now able to use a range of tools and his muscle strength has improved dramatically, enabling him to take care of the garden at his care home.

What Was Said…

James said “I can use lots of tools now I am stronger and love seeing my friends and working hard. It feels good. I really look forward to waking up on a Thursday!”

The Outcomes and Positives…

James has developed into a confident member of the group and is embedded in the local community. James’ carer tells us that he is now happy to talk to those that visit his home, sharing all he has learnt with pride and happiness. He now helps teach and encourage other residents about gardening.

James has created unique bonds with many of the volunteers, friendships that continue to blossom and develop over time, he truly is part of the Gro-Organic family.


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