Bailey Petey

Introducing Bailey…

Bailey suffers from acute ADHD, anxiety and stress, resulting in extremely disturbed sleep for a number of years.

He has been excluded from mainstream education and alternative provision and was known to the Police for habitual environmental crime. When we met him, Bailey had reached his limit with what he could cope with.
Taking over 14 different medications a day, ranging from meds to help with temperament, anxiety and sleep, nothing was working or helping him.

We saw a spark in Bailey and working with his teachers at Woodlands Campus have developed a programme of work with our Landscaping team to build up his personal and job related skills.

– Age 16
– Now works 2 days a week with our Gro-Landscaping team
– Has become an integral team member

What Was Said…

Bailey’s Mum said “Gro-Organic has saved my sons life, I don’t know where he would be without them.”

The Outcomes and Positives…

Bailey has shown role model behavior in his work with our team and has developed good time keeping, attendance and initiative.

As a result of his experience with Gro-Organic, Bailey has found an area of work that he really enjoys and excels at. He would like to work towards being a landscaper and seeing Bailey progress, we’d love to have him as a permanent member of our team in the future.

Bailey’s school have reported seeing a huge improvement in Bailey’s attitude to work and life and continue to work closely with our staff to monitor his progress and develop work to meet his needs.

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